Business Opportunites

    • Key Available Sites
      Vacant industrial lands/prime redevelopment sites are available, ranging from small industrial lots to a 635 acre site.
    • Emerging Sector Opportunities
      The region is an important forestry hub, but there are emerging opportunities in biomass and other renewable energy.

    Traffic Counts

    The map shows the location of the highway sections that illustrate the traffic passing through the communities of Val Rita-Harty and Opasatika.

    The Highway 11 section from point 1 to 2 identified as Section A on the map above is known as SEC HWY 581-Moonbeam (N) Beauvais RD (S) and its distance is 14.7 kilometres. It is located on Highway 11 from Moonbeam to the eastern outskirts of Kapuskasing. Traffic volumes at Section A typically peak in the summer months of July to August with an estimated summer average daily two-way traffic of 5,200 vehicles in 2008. During the winter months (January to March), the estimated average daily two-way traffic is 3,600 vehicles in 2008. The estimated annual average daily two-way traffic volume in 2008 consists of 4,300 vehicles (Government of Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) report).

    The Highway 11 section from point 3 to 4 identified as Section B on the map is known as Kapuskasing W LTS – End of NA and covers 30.3 kilometres of distance. It is located from the western boundary of Kapuskasing to Bernard Street in Opasatika. 2008 Traffic volumes during the summer months of July to August is an estimated 2,200 vehicles and the annual average daily two-way traffic volume is an estimated 2,000 vehicles. During the winter, traffic volumes dropped to 1,750 vehicles estimated for the winter average daily two-way traffic.

    Highway 11 Annual Average Daily Traffic Activity (2008)
    Government of Ontario Ministry of Transportation – Highway Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)
    Summer Months Winter Months
    The Highway 11 Section A (point 1 to 2) 5,200 3,600
    The Highway 11 Section B (point 3 to 4) 2,200 1,750