Business Opportunites

    • Key Available Sites
      Vacant industrial lands/prime redevelopment sites are available, ranging from small industrial lots to a 635 acre site.
    • Emerging Sector Opportunities
      The region is an important forestry hub, but there are emerging opportunities in biomass and other renewable energy.

    Local Business Listings

    Opasatika Business Listings

    Service Type Company Name Address Phone Comments
    Accommodations Ateliers Topaz 26 Government Road 705-369-5001 2 suites and 1 single room with workspace
    Electrical L.A. Electric 244 Government Road 705-369-2591
    Financial Caisse Populaire 141-A Government Rd. 705-369-2561
    Health & Wellness Club de la Bonne Humeur 7 St-Antoine St. Mini Gym
    La Maison Arc-en-Ciel Centre de rehabilitation du Nord de L’Ontario 260 Government Road, Opasatika 705-369-4582 Rehabilitation Centre
    Emilie Isabelle 6 St-Antoine St. 705-335-1762 Kinesitherapist & Orthotherapist
    Gas Station Opaz Gas & Outdoor Store 52 Government Rd. 705-369-2019 Camping as well
    Government Canada Post 9 Ste-Anne North Street 705-369-5191
    Corporation of the Township of Opasatika 50 Government Road. 705-369-4531
    Library Opasatika Public Library 6 St.-Antoine St. 705-369-3421
    Personal AVON 162 Government Road, Opasatika 705-369-2136
    Recreation Boones Bear Camp 198 Government Road 705-335-5186
    Crow Creek Camp 7 Fergus Road 705-369-2102 Fishing, Hunting, Canoing, Snowmobiling, housekeeping cabin,
    Wolfescreek 705-369-2027 Guided hunting/fishing
    School St-Antoine-de-Padoue Catholic School 6 St-Antoine St. 705-369-3421 K-8
    Church St-Antoine-de-Padoue Church 9 St-Antoine St. 705-369-2082 Includes Rental Hall for Dances, bingo, special events, wedding receptions, etc.
    Taxidermy JD’s Taxidermy 5 Bernard Street 705-335-6555


    Service Type Company Name / Address Year Est. Sector
    Construction Denis Bergeron
    D&G Construction C.P.23 Harty, Ontario
    Commercial, construction
    Financial Caisse Populaire
    36 Promenade Riverside
    Kapuskasing, Ontario, P5N 1A6
    Ph: 335-6161
    1984 Commercial
    Forestry Bois A. Lachance Lumber Ltd
    C.P.3 Harty, Ontario, POL 1M0
    Ph: 335-3066
    Industrial, forestry, manufacturing
    Garage Centre du Pneu Murray
    C.P.40, Val Rita, Ontario, POL 2G0
    Ph: 335-8496
    1971 Commercial, services, automotive
    Carrosserie RMC 2000
    R.R. #2 Kapuskasing, Ontario
    P5N 2X8
    Ph: (335-4551)
    Commercial, services, mechanical
    2137197 Ontario Inc.
    o/s Donald Fraser C.P. 189 Val Rita, Ontario, POL 2GO
    Commercial, services, mechanical
    Government Gilbert Bélanger (post office)
    C.P.12 Harty, Ontario, POL 1M0
    Ph: 335-2174
    Hotel / Restaurant Chez Dagenais Minimart, Restaurant, and Motel
    C.P.178 Val Rita, Ontario POL 2G0
    Ph: 335-8775
    2011 Commercial, services, restaurant, retail
    Chip Stand
    Val Rita, Ontario POL 2G0
    Ph: 335-6011
    2011 Commercial, services, restaurant
    Landscaping Country Roots Greenhouse and Décor
    RR#2 Kapuskasing, Ontario,
    P5N 2X8
    Ph: 337-6014
    2006 (seasonal) Commercial, retail
    Recreation Normand & Ghislaine Guindon
    57 Bowman Avenue Kapuskasing, Ontario, P5N 1N2
    Ph: 335-5145
    Commercial, accommodations
    Storage Northern Warehousing
    C.P. 18 Val Rita, Ontario POL 2G0
    Ph: 335-5589
    2002 Commercial
    2216743 Ontario Inc (entrepôt)
    o/s Rejean & Justin Murray, C.P.40 Val Rita, Ontario POL 2GO
    Alice Dent (entrepôt)
    C.P.184 Kapuskasing, Ontario, P5N 2Y3
    Ph: 337-6800
    Commercial, storage
    Transportation Remi Aubertin
    Entreprise de transport
    C.P.15 Harty, Ontario, POL 1M0
    Ph: 335-3161
    Commercial, transportation
    RR# 2 Kapuskasing, Ontario, P5N 2X8
    Ph: 335-8585
    Commercial, services, transportation
    Ghislain Aubertin
    Entreprise de transport Livraison Générale Harty, Ontario POL 1M0
    Ph: 337-6797
    Commercial, transportation
    Denis & Diane Isabelle
    Entreprise de transport C.P.43 Harty, Ontario, POL 2GO
    Commercial, transportation
    Waste disposal Sinai Sucker Inc.
    C.P.386 Kapuskasing, ON P5N 2X8
    Ph: 337-1488
    Commercial, services, sanitary