Business Opportunites

  • Key Available Sites
    Vacant industrial lands/prime redevelopment sites are available, ranging from small industrial lots to a 635 acre site.
  • Emerging Sector Opportunities
    The region is an important forestry hub, but there are emerging opportunities in biomass and other renewable energy.

Key Economic Sectors & Employers in the Region

Key Economic Sectors

Forestry: The major sawmills operating in the Hearst to Kapuskasing region are: Tembec, Lecours Lumber and Columbia Forest Products. A few smaller sawmills also operate in Hearst.

The amount of forest harvested in the Hearst Forest from April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010 was 1,360 hectares, which falls short of the forecasted annual average of 7,814 hectares (forecast as of 2007 to 2017). The amount of forest harvested in the Gordon Cosens Forest from April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010 was 4,781 hectares. The following tables summarize wood utilization by mill for 2009 to 2010. The total volume harvested from the Gordon Cosens Forest was 434,696 m3 for all tree species. The total volume harvested from the Hearst Forest was 80,371 m3 for all tree species.

2009–2010 Annual Report of Wood Utilization by Mill – Gordon Cosens Forest (Volume m3)

Mill Product Biofibre Mixedwood Total
Abitibi Consolidated Co. (Iroquois Falls) Paper Mill 3,069
Capital Power Corporation Bioproduct 5,782 5,782
Cheminis Lumber Inc. (Larder Lake) Sawmill & Special Product 1,376
Columbia Forest Products Inc. (Old Fort, Veneer) Veneer/Plywood 16
Columbia Forest Products ltd. (Rutherglen) Veneer/Plywood 123
Commercial Fuelwood Fuelwood 651
EACOM Timber Corporation (Timmins Sawmill) Sawmill & Special Product 2,061
GP North Woods LP Comp Composite Wood Panel 34,232
Levesque Plywood Limited (Columbia Forest Products Ltd. Hearst) Veneer/Plywood 31,707
Niska North Sawmill & Special Product 298
Personal Use Fuelwood Fuelwood 1,059
St. Mary’s Paper Corp. (Sault Ste. Marie) Paper Mill 581
Starview Specialty Sawmill Inc. Sawmill & Special Product 15
Tembec (Chapleau) Sawmill & Special Product 59,607
Tembec (Cochrane) Sawmill & Special Product 14,457
Tembec (Hearst) Sawmill & Special Product 75,548
Tembec (Kapuskasing Biomass Cogeneration) Bioproduct 36,865 36,865
Tembec (Kapuskasing Paper) Paper Mill 33,171
Tembec (Kapuskasing Sawmill) Sawmill & Special Product 134,081
Total 42,647 434,696

Source: 2009-2010 Annual Report – Gordon Cosens Forest

2009-2010 Annual Report of Wood Utilization by Mill – Hearst Forest (Volume m3)

Epcor PowerBiomass 0

Mill Product Biofibre Mixedwood Total
Brushmat Material Camp Construction Bridge Construction (Other) Not Elsewhere Specified 0
Capital Power Corporation Bioproduct 1,372 1,372
Commercial Fuelwood Fuelwood  0
Lachance Saw & Planer (Cyprien Lachance) Sawmill & Special Product 38
Lecours Lumber Co. Limited (Calstock) Sawmill & Special Product 0
Levesque Plywood Limited (Columbia Forest Products Ltd. Hearst) Veneer/Plywood 11,410
Personal Use Building Material (Sawmill) Sawmill & Special Product 132
Personal Use Fuelwood Fuelwood 317
St. Mary’s Paper Corp. (Sault Ste. Marie) Paper Mill 0
Tembec (Hearst) Sawmill & Special Product 54,160
Tembec (Kapuskasing Biomass Cogeneration) Biomass 0
Tembec (Kapuskasing Sawmill) Sawmill & Special Product 0
Tembec (Kapuskasing Paper) Paper Mill 12,942
Temlam Inc. (Amos) Veneer/Plywood 0
Total 1,372 80,371

Source: 2009-2010 Annual Report – Hearst Forest

Mining: Agrium – Kapuskasing Phosphate Operations is currently mining year-round. It is an open-pit operation and is located 40km southeast of the town. In 2009, the production of phosphate concentrate totalled 744 919 tonnes from 1 119 666 tonnes milled at a grade of 35% P2O5. The daily milling rate was 6,320 tonnes. Phosphate concentrate is shipped via rail from the mine site to Redwater, Alberta for processing into agricultural fertilizer. Exploration drilling during the year amounted to 30,084 m. In 2009, the mine had 87 employees and an additional 200 to 300 regular contract workers.

Ore Reserves at the Kapuskasing Phosphate Operations, 2009

Category Tonnes Grade (% P2O5)
Proven 6,128,750 27.75
Probable 8,792,715 27.75
Total 14,921,465 27.75

Source: 2010. Government of Ontario. Ontario Geological Survey Regional Resident Geologist Program (Timmins District).

The mine is closing its extractive operations in 2013 and decommissioning over the following 2 years to 2015. Additional phosphate mining opportunities are being investigated in the Hearst area.

The Clay-Howells Prospect, acquired by Rare Earth Metals Inc, sits 50 kilometres northeast of Kapuskasing and contains light and heavy rare earths. The property has 45 patented mining claims and over 300 unpatented claims .

Renewable Energy: There are a number of micro-FIT and FIT programs going on in the region. Two large hydro-electric projects are also underway in the immediate area of Kapuskasing. Hydromega is developing four waterpower facilities which will add 22 MW of energy to the grid, and the Town of Kapuskasing has 25% equity in one of the sites (Old Woman Falls). The Lower Mattagami River Project also involves four power generating sites which will add almost 450 MW of energy to the grid.

Employers in the Region

Nearly 30% of the Kapuskasing-Hearst Region labour force was employed in resource-based sectors and manufacturing sectors in 2006.

Largest Private Sector Employers – Kapuskasing

Name Year Est. Product or Service Sector No. of Employees
Tembec – Spruce Falls Operations 1926 Pulp and Paper Natural Resources/ Forestry 530
URS Canadian Operations 1999 Engineering, construction and technical services Natural Resources 185
Wal-Mart 1996 Mass retail Retail 120
Your Independent Grocer 2000 Mass retail Food/Retail 100
Agrium Inc. – Kapuskasing Phosphate Operations 1999 Phosphate/Fertilizer Natural Resources/Mining 95
Caisse Populaire de Kapuskasing 1940 Financial Services Finance 55
Extendicare Nursing – Kapuskasing Nursing Home Health Care Health 45
General Motors Cold Weather Development Centre 1971 Vehicle Testing Facility Research and Development 20

Source: McSweeney & Associates from the Town of Kapuskasing

Largest Public Sector Employers – Kapuskasing

Name Sector No. of Employees (approx..)
Sensenbrenner Hospital Health Care 210
School Boards Education 150
Town of Kapuskasing Municipal Government 100
North Centennial Manor Health Care 80
Ontario Power Generation Crown Corporation 50
Services Familiaux Jeanne Sauve Family Services Family Services and Health 30
Ontario Provincial Police Protective Services 30
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Experimental Farm/Research and Development 15

Major Employers – Opasatika

NameYear Est.Product or ServiceNo. of Employees

Source: Invest Ontario, 2010; Township of OpasatikaMajor Employers – Val Rita-Harty

NameProduct or ServiceSectorApprox. No. of Employees

Source: Township of Val Rita-Harty

La Maison Arc-enCiel 1981 Rehabilitation Centre 10
Opaz Gas & Outdoor Store Gas Station 6
Caisse Populaire 1981 Finance 1
L.A. Electric Electricity 3
Canada Post Mailing Services 1
Murray OK Tire Sales 96 Hwy 11, Val Rita Mechanical/Garage Automotive 32
Manitoulin Transport RR #2 Kapuskasing Transportation/Courier/General Transportation 22
Chez Dagenais Minimart, Restaurant, and Motel 98 Government Road, Val Rita Hospitality Accommodation 8
Fraser’s Machine Shop 6 Avenue des Aulnes, Val Rita Machinery 16
Val Rita Chip Stand 124 Government Road, Val Rita Restaurant Food 5