Business Opportunites

    • Key Available Sites
      Vacant industrial lands/prime redevelopment sites are available, ranging from small industrial lots to a 635 acre site.
    • Emerging Sector Opportunities
      The region is an important forestry hub, but there are emerging opportunities in biomass and other renewable energy.

    Education, Skills, and Training

    Not only is the local labour force bilingual but workers also possess a range of education and experience. About 17% of the prime working age group (25 to 44 years) in 2006 had apprenticeship or trades certificates; around 31% had technical college diplomas – these are significantly higher than for Ontario overall.

    New skilled and semi-skilled labour continues to come through through Collège Boréal and Université de Hearst which have campuses in nearby Hearst and Kapuskasing; with the number of graduates from Boreal College campuses roughly doubling since 2006.

    • Collège Boréal has campuses in Hearst and Kapukasing, and offers a wide range of programs suited to the diverse business needs. Programs in Business/Commerce/Administration had the largest overall enrolment numbers since the 2006/07 academic year.
    • Université de Hearst offers undergraduate programs on campuses in Hearst and Kapuskasing.