Business Opportunites

    • Key Available Sites
      Vacant industrial lands/prime redevelopment sites are available, ranging from small industrial lots to a 635 acre site.
    • Emerging Sector Opportunities
      The region is an important forestry hub, but there are emerging opportunities in biomass and other renewable energy.

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    Featured Site
    Tembec Site
    Over 630 acres of prime industrial land available.
    “We have very dedicated and loyal workers in our region.” – Daniel Ethier, Owner, GT Plumbing and Heating, Kapuskasing, Ontario, November 2011

    Welcome to Val Rita – Harty & Opasatika

    There are many reasons why you should invest in our community. Our people, our industries, and our hospitality provide essential ingredients to foster business growth. Our assets are diverse; our people bilingual; and our pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit has defined our community for almost a hundred years. The following are 5 reasons why you should choose our area as a location for your business.

    Top 5 reasons to live, work and invest in our community:

    1. Ideally situated along major highway and rail systems offering access to major North American markets
    2. A hub for expanding industry and new research
    3. Competitive wage rates and a largely bilingual workforce
    4. Low cost housing, safe communities with close access to entertainment and lifestyle amenities in larger communities
    5. Majestic sights and a one-of-a-kind outdoor experiences

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